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CASESTUDY: How We Take Dead In The Water Websites, Implement A Few Simple Offsite SEO Tricks, And Turn Them Into High Ranking Powerhouses, Shooting Up The Google Ranks Almost Overnight...
Earlier this year, we were approached by a client named Gary who owned an online retail website. Gary had been struggling with his online business since his website got hit by Google updates and dropped 28 pages and literally almost disappeared from public visibility. Gary resorted to spending thousands of dollars on advertising just to keep visitors coming to his website. 

He was selling a health supplement and while the website was creating customers, it was doing it at a loss because he was spending so much on advertising to get those customers and he almost walked away from his online business he had spent over 6 years building, because he just couldn't make it viable anymore...

Then he came to us...
After a brief email consultation, he decided to take out our 'Premium Blast' SEO package.
Without making ANY changes to his actual website he started to see his website clubbing back up the ranks with 3 weeks.

After 6 Weeks his website had climbed from page 29 on Google to Page 3... and the best part was he was starting to see hundreds of new visitors to his website and was converting more customers.

Over the next few weeks he saw his website rising from the bottom of page 3 slowly up to the top and hover around the top of page 3.

Gary decided to take out an additional SEO package with us and we managed to get his website on page 1 of Google in under 3 months and he now has tens of thousands of month visitors and hundreds of customers all over the world.

While these results are not typical, Gary is one of hundreds of clients in highly competitive niches who's websites we have been able to rank on the first pages of Google. We have also helped hundreds of local businesses from all over the world and ranked them right up in the top 5 places on PAGE 1 of GOOGLE.COM or their local Google search.

We also have several well known SEO consultants who use our services. Because we offer complete white label services with no report branding, many of them simply set their own prices, take their clients payments and pass them onto us and let us do all the work while they sit back pass the results on to their clients and take a big slice cash.
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